“Engineering Research Forum 2023: Concrete in Hot Weather and 3D Printing for Sustainable Designs”

2023-05-29 10:53:54

In conjunction with the Year of Sustainability in the United Arab Emirates

Concrete in Hot Weather: Building for the Future, Innovating Sustainable Design and the Role of 3D Printing in Smart Building

The forum was sponsored by a number of national and international industrial companies, including: STW (Germany), KTIB Lerch Kaltetechnik (Germany), VIP Varius Ice Products (UAE), and Trans Gulf Readymix Concrete (UAE).

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: hosted College of Engineering, Abu Dhabi University The activities of the fourth annual edition of the Engineering Research Forum 2023, which was held in cooperation with the College of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment at Arizona State University, under the slogan “Concrete in Hot Weather: Building for the Future, Innovating Sustainable Designs and the Role of 3D Printing”, where the forum reviewed the most prominent Contributions in the field of producing sustainable three-dimensional concrete that suits the environmental conditions of the United Arab Emirates.

The forum was inaugurated by Dr. Samer Al-Martini, Chair of the Forum and Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Abu Dhabi University. The University’s speech was delivered by Professor Thomas Hostetler, Deputy Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University, while the College of Engineering’s speech was delivered by Dr. Hamdi Al-Shaibani, Dean of the College of Engineering at Abu Dhabi University.

The establishment of the event follows the resounding success of its previous three editions, and is in line with two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Third and Ninth) aimed at ensuring the preservation of people’s health and well-being, enhancing the ability of construction projects to deal with and adapt to challenges, and accessing a solid infrastructure for mass manufacturing. and sustainable. By addressing these goals, the forum seeks to reach innovative results that are in line with the UAE Sustainability Year and contribute to the steady growth of the UAE’s knowledge-based economy.

The forum is held in the framework of a strategic partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers, led by Dr. Elias Sayyah, Regional Director of the Society, Dr. Reem Sabouni, President of the Society’s UAE Chapter, the Abu Dhabi Municipality and the Society of Engineers, and with the support of many institutions, including the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Arab Youth Center (The UAE). A group of national and international industrial companies also sponsored the forum, including STW (Germany), KTIB Lerch Kaltetechnik (Germany), VIP, Varius Ice Products (UAE), and Trans Gulf Readymix Concrete (UAE).

The event, which was held over two days, provided the opportunity for participating students, scientists and engineers to engage in constructive discussions and dialogues that dealt with areas of research, development and exchange of knowledge on the topic of concrete in hot weather, building processes and smart sustainable designs, with a focus on the latest developments in the field of 3D printing technology. Dimensions as a means to meet the challenges of the sector.

The forum witnessed important presentations and technical and industrial sessions focused on sustainability, building materials in hot weather, and construction using 3D printing. The best ways to enhance building productivity, improve safety and sustainability, and address challenges related to the use of 3D concrete printing technology in engineering structural applications were discussed. .

More than 200 people participated in the forum, in addition to 60 virtual participants from Abu Dhabi University and other academic institutions, in addition to representatives of a number of industrial companies and public sectors. The forum included various sessions and lectures during which the participants reviewed their experiences and knowledge in the smart and sustainable building sector and 3D printing.

Abu Dhabi University, by organizing such research forums, looks forward to enhancing the qualifications of its students by offering them world-class educational opportunities outside the curricula, to enrich their research knowledge, hone their skills, and provide them with innovative learning methods. During the forum sessions, Abu Dhabi University students presented their projects on sustainability, and some of them supervised the university’s platform at the forum.

The first day of the event saw the participants take a field tour of the ADU Concrete 3D Printing Research Laboratory, which opened earlier this year. It is a modern facility showcasing the latest developments in the field of 3D printing. Technologies developed and used at Abu Dhabi University. On the second day of the event, the university organized the “3D Concrete Printing Competition” for high school students, in which more than 350 students participated. And promote its innovations, and learn about the latest 3D concrete printing laboratories at the university and participate in many activities directed to students.

In this regard, he said Dr. Hamdi Al Shaibani, Dean of the College of Engineering, Abu Dhabi UniversityWe are pleased to hold the fourth annual edition of the Engineering Research Forum 2023, in cooperation with Arizona State University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States of America, as working closely with a strategic partner such a prestigious academic institution supports our mission to provide our students with a world-class education. It enhances their critical thinking and research enthusiasm, and prepares them for excellence and success in an increasingly competitive job market.”

For his part, Dr. Samer Al Martini, Chairman of the Forum and Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Abu Dhabi University, said: “The holding of the fourth session of the Abu Dhabi University and Arizona State University Research Forum 2023 reflects Abu Dhabi University’s firm commitment to investing in various forms of scientific research opportunities that enhance innovation and advance creative thinking. between faculty, students and the community.”

Professor Narayanan Nithalath from Arizona State University expressed his happiness with ASU’s participation in organizing this event, saying: “We are proud of the close cooperation with Abu Dhabi University to organize the Fourth Engineering Research Forum 2023, which reflects the strength of our partnership and our concerted efforts to develop sustainable designs and promote 3D concrete printing.” , and to find innovative solutions in the field of construction. Together, we look forward to making a lasting impact on the urban environment and contributing to building a sustainable future.”

Prepare College of Engineering Abu Dhabi University is one of the largest engineering colleges in the United Arab Emirates, as it offers a range of engineering and technology programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and is always keen to add new and innovative programs.

ASU is a public research university in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Founded in 1885 by the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature, ASU is one of the largest public universities by affiliation in the United States.

For more information about Abu Dhabi University, please visit: https://www.adu.ac.ae/

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