Engineers invent a floating, multifunction power plant

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Ph. Sinn Power

A team of engineers will test in Greece a prototype platform capable of generating renewable energy from the force of the wind, the sun, and the waves.

Engineers from the Munich-based start-up Sinn Power have developed a unique power plant. And for good reason, this floating plant operates on solar energy, wind and waves! As Forbes reports, the project will now be commissioned. A commissioning which should take place on the Greek coast.

According to the American economic magazine, the big highlight of the platform is its modularity. This allows it to expand and easily connect with other modules. “Our floating platform provides renewable energy to islands around the world and contributes to the global establishment of offshore wind power plants”, says Philipp Sinn, the company’s Ceo.

Political interest

In practice, its platform is made up of solar panels, wave energy converters and wind turbines. It is also believed to withstand waves up to six meters high.

Now, the start-up hopes that its test in real conditions will prove positive. “Politicians from several European countries have already visited it”, says Philipp Sinn anyway.


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