England opens its doors to Spain, Italy and France without quarantines

Starting next Friday, July 10, travelers arriving in England from 59 countries, including Spain, France, Italy and Germany, and 14 British overseas territories will be exempt from the two-week quarantine. This was announced yesterday by the Government as part of the measures it has adopted to encourage the arrival of visitors and facilitate the return of its citizens, who seemed so far resigned to spending their holidays in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the list of qualified territories of “Lower risk” Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland also stand out, as well as Caribbean islands such as Aruba, Curaçao, Trinidad and Tobago, Guadalupe or Jamaica. Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Barbados and Japan are also included.

On the contrary, the absence of Portugal and China is striking, as are Thailand and the United States, the latter country which, due to the strong rebound in cases It is still vetoed by the EU, which has barely opened its external borders to 14 countries since last Wednesday. Nor is any Latin American state among the ‘chosen’ by the United Kingdom, where the pandemic is currently showing its worst face.

The list will be «subject to a constant review“, As detailed by Transport Minister Grant Shapps this Friday, who added that destinations could be added” in the coming days “as a result of the” new negotiations between the United Kingdom and its international partners “.


The British Government, in any case, specified that the quarantine exemptions will not apply to those who arrive in the United Kingdom through Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, autonomous regions who take their own measures against the coronavirus. “I hope that these three nations can advance at the same rate as England, that would make things easier, but it’s up to them to decide,” Shapps said on the BBC.

The easing of quarantine was a long-awaited measure by the British and by the local tourism sector. Its imposition had angered airlines, some of which even took Judicial actions against the Executive. To this is added that from today England takes its biggest step in de-escalation by reopening pubs, restaurants, hotels and campsites, cinemas and museums.

Johnson, however, yesterday appealed for prudence and responsibility. We’re not out of the woods yet. The virus still is with us and the peak in Leicester has shown this, “he said, recalling the case of this town that has had to return to confinement due to a significant increase in infections.


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