England’s worst pedophile raped and murdered for revenge

Richard Huckle, dubbed by British media as “the worst pedophile” in the UK, He was brutally murdered in his cell, in a prison near the city of Pocklington, on October 13, 2019 at the hands of Paul Fitzgerald, others imprisoned for sexual crimes, publishes the Daily Mail newspaper.

According to what was heard by the British justice this Wednesday, Fitzgerald raped him using a kitchen utensil, shoved a pen up his nose until it hit his brain, and strangled him with an electrical cord, indicates the same medium.

At the autopsy of Huckle, who sexually abused nearly 200 children, also se found trauma to the face, kidneys and a stab wound to the neck, details the British newspaper.

The guards who arrived after the brutal homicide reported that they barely looked into the cell, it seemed that Fitzgerald was whispering something into his victim’s ear, agrega Daily Mail.

I think I killed him, he’s dead”Fitzgerald told the prison guards, according to the prosecutor Alistair Neil Macdonald, who was quoted as saying during the trial.

One day after the murder, Paul Fitzgerald told a psychologist that he wanted to cook Huckle’s remains and that he “had a lot of fun” during the attack because he wanted to make him feel “The taste” of what he did to his victims and described his attack as “poetic justice”, indicates the English newspaper.

“He is a man who rapes and abuses children for fun. It could have killed them too. I am inclined to think that he did something worse than just raping them, ”he told the mental health specialist at the time.

Prosecutor Macdonald said in court that was a “Carefully planned and executed attack”, yet Fitzgerald pleaded not guilty because, according to his lawyers, at the moment “She suffered from psychopathy and mixed personality and gender identity disorders.”

Richard  Huckle had been sentenced in 2016 to 22 life sentences for raping 191 children between 6 months and 12 years, when I was volunteering in orphanages in Malaysia and Cambodia, Daily Mail ends.


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