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Norbert Dickel was immediately impressed. Not only the enthusiasm of Oskar Krzykowski impressed the club legend and the current stadium announcer from Borussia Dortmund. From Berlin, Krzykowski set out on the 500-kilometer route to present the sport Solf, which he invented in 2005. Also included: the portable, two-third round gate. When he finally placed the patented sample on Dickel’s desk, he said: “Yes, we’ll do it!” Krzykowski recalls.

Dickel was exactly the right person to contact – as a former soccer professional and board member of Gofus, the golfing soccer players. Because Solf, a combination of soccer and golf, is the symbiosis of these sports. “I wanted to bring the best of both together,” Krzykowski explains his approach. Football is low-threshold, everyone can kick a ball. “Golf is an open, communicative, non-aggressive sport that is made equal by the handicap regulation in mostly very beautiful landscapes,” enthuses the 55-year-old. »Solf is supposed to be a decelerated natural experience with elements of football.«

Krzykowski immediately shakes his head when it comes to football golf. It was first played in Sweden in the 1980s, and there are now plenty of facilities in Germany. “It’s something else,” he says firmly. Because: “It is usually played on a straight, standardized field and the ball has to be shot into a hole at the end of a lane.” More luck than skill is needed. In the case of solf, the ball has to go through a goal 52 cm wide on the ground. “It can be rotated 360 degrees in the game and thus corresponds to a circular hole like when playing golf,” explains Krzykowski. The Solftor was even voted “Article of the Month” by the magazine for football culture “11 friends”.

Good shooting technique is important for the Solf, but also on the individual lanes, the number, length and course of which are not prescribed. Basically, Solfen goes everywhere. Krzykowski’s idea: “You can create a landscape that is intended for something different.” In parks, for example, it works very well. But since the terrain is usually complex, it is not a question of screwing around. “A good trajectory of the ball between two trees requires more than just a tight shot,” says Krzykowski.

The rules in which the Solf inventor was strongly oriented towards golf should also be disciplined. If, for example, the ball lands in the water, you get a penalty. The small-format, but 41-page-long Solf regulations include: “0.5 penalty points – the ball touches a tree, foliage or undergrowth.” There is a whole penalty point for shooting at monuments or sensitive plantings. If the ball lands on the street or a bike path, you get two penalty points. The same applies if people or animals are shot. If you stick to the rules, have some feeling in your feet and ultimately need the fewest attempts, you can cheer in the end.

Solf inventor Oskar Krzykowski likes Ireland and the Sandy Hills golf course.

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Contact with Dickel and the Gofus has not broken off after the promising start in 2009. There are various reasons why Solf is only growing slowly despite other prominent fans such as Sepp Maier, Fredi Bobic or Dieter Hoeneß. Time and money are crucial. Krzykowski, who came to Berlin from North Rhine-Westphalia in 1988, studied law and politics and actually wanted to become an environmental politician, has been working full-time as a football department head at SV Pfefferwerk in Prenzlauer Berg for 13 years. He is now a lone fighter when it comes to Solf. Initial comrades-in-arms of the jointly founded agency “The Football Agents” have withdrawn for various reasons – mostly because effort and earnings were not in good proportion.

It was also not conducive to the fact that some to whom Krzykowski presented his idea immediately saw them as competition. “Completely unnecessary,” as he says. Because: “I don’t want to get rich and famous with it.” As relaxed as he tells about it in the midday sun in a café in Prenzlauer Berg, you can believe him immediately. A new start after the premiere in 2007 and at least until 2014 the following Berlin tournaments in Treptower Park, Tiergarten or Friedrichshain as well as an event in the Englischer Garten in Munich “but has to be financed somehow,” says Krzykowski.

The Gofus club plays a double role in its plans: on the one hand Krzykowski wants to use the good contacts, on the other hand he likes the intention of the golfing football players. Your tournaments are charity events. Playing to help others – that’s how he will also introduce Solf in the future. He is looking for new contacts in the Gulf, especially in Ireland and Scotland. »There is golf popular sport and not a negative cliché. And they’re crazy about football there too, «he says. He discovered art as a helpful door opener – his abstract images of golf courses from a bird’s eye view were very well received. He now takes it with ease that Krzykowski had to postpone his long-planned three-month trip to the British Isles due to the corona. True to the motto: A good idea takes time.



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