Enough vaccine for adults by the end of May

Of the German trade union federation asked the federal and state governments before their deliberations on the corona situation this Wednesday, not to give in to calls for early openings. “With all the longing for loosening and opening up, one thing must be clear: health comes before returns,” said DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann of the German press agency in Berlin. In the past few days there had been louder calls for quick openings from the business world.

Hoffmann said: “The order of the day is: vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, adhere to hygiene concepts, enable home office.” A third wave must be avoided at all costs. “That is why there must be no opening and loosening too early.” Rapid tests could help to identify the infection process promptly on site and to initiate targeted measures. “Companies in border regions can also help prevent border closings by testing their workforce.”

But: “In no case should politics impose these costs on the health insurance companies,” warned Hoffmann. “Pandemic costs are to be paid as costs for society as a whole from tax revenues, not from the contributions of the legally insured.” The same applies to the pandemic-related child sickness benefit.


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