Enrique Bonilla revealed that Ascenso MX club stopped paying in February

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Mexico City / 04/24/2020 00:19:47


‘We were going to have scandals tomorrow, afternoon and night’; so defended Enrique Bonilla, president of Liga MX, the decision of disappear to the League of Ascent, due to the financial problems that the category had.

According to Bonilla, if the decision was not made to disappear from the Promotion League and suspend for five years to rise and fall A sea of ​​player controversies for non-payment would come, since, from the outset, it revealed that an Ascent club, without saying the name, stopped paying his players since February.

Asked why the financial rescue plan was not applied to the Ascenso teams under the same competition format, Bonilla argued that the situation was unsustainable.

“The settlement (bailout) he was trying long ago, but the situation of the clubs no longer allowed to continue; If we did not enter with this resource, we would have many players with controversies.

“In February, a club stopped paying and we were not yet into the pandemic,” he said in an interview with Fox Sports.

Bonilla stressed again that the decision to disappear the decline for five years it is not a decision to protect a club particularly with descent problems.

On the other hand, he also specified that the different scenarios are still being analyzed in order to restart the League, but there is still no date set, since it will depend on the country’s health authorities.



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