Enrique Ponce announces his retirement from bullfighting for an indefinite period

Enrique Ponce in full swing. / EFE

The Valencian bullfighter has decided to “make a stop along the way”

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The Valencian bullfighter Enrique Ponce announced this Monday his withdrawal from bullfighting “for an indefinite period.” In a statement, Chiva’s right-hander addresses “those who have accompanied me for more than three decades,” to thank them “for their love and unconditional support, especially during this year of pandemic in which I decided to defend bullfighting, to move forward and give back to the bull world how much it has given me ».

Ponce concludes his writing by announcing that “at this point in my 2021 bullfighting season I have decided to stop along the way and retire indefinitely.”

Enrique Ponce Martínez (Chiva, Valencia, December 8, 1971) has been considered one of the most important right-handers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. He began when he was very young in a small square of a cattle ranch in Ondara, Alicante. and at age 10 he entered the Bullfighting School of Valencia, making his public debut on August 10, 1986 in the Plaza de toros de Castellar, Jaén.

He made his debut with horses in Castellón on March 9, 1988. After 101 steers and 111 cut ears, he took the alternative on March 16, 1990 in the Plaza de Valencia at the hands of José Miguel Arroyo Joselito, witnessing Miguel Báez el Litri .

Since then he has carried out an impressive career, with memorable tasks that have made him one of the best Spanish right-handers for nearly 30 years.

In recent times, it was news for the divorce of his wife and mother of his children, Paloma Cuevas, and for the beginning of a new relationship with a young 21-year-old law student, Ana Soria.


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