Entertainment: Now What? NASA announces that seven asteroids are approaching Earth

2020 is about to end, but it still does not give surprises. NASA reported that some asteroids are approaching Earth this week. Of which, two of them will pass closer than the Moon is, while the rest have already been recorded on their way close to our planet.

Specifically, the two asteroids will pass less than 385,000 kilometers apart. This was explained by the Astreoid Watch report of the space agency.

Should we be concerned? Well, the closest asteroid will pass approximately 57,100 kilometers away. This is called 2020 XX3, which has 6.8 meters in diameter. It will happen on December 18.

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On that same day, the 2020 XF3, 30 meters in diameter, will pass 6,970,000 kilometers from our planet.

By December 20, asteroids 1997 XE10 and 2020 XY4 will also approach Earth.

It should be noted that yesterday three asteroids passed quite close to our planet. First was the 2020 XF4, measuring 10 meters, which approached 343,000 kilometers from Earth.

Then, the largest of the three asteroid: 2020 VY1, with 24 meters in diameter, passed with a distance of 5,070,000 kilometers.

The third is the 2020 XS5, with 16 meters in diameter and an approximation of about 3,170,000 kilometers.


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