Enthusiast calculates how many thousands of dollars it will take to buy all the items in Marvel’s Avengers

The superhero action movie Marvel’s Avengers is a paid service game that recently made it onto the Game Pass catalog. Players are encouraged to buy items from the in-game store. The enthusiast tried to calculate the total cost

The superhero action movie Marvel’s Avengers is positioned as a service game that is getting updates. In a paid game, Game Pass buyers and subscribers have an in-game store that offers a variety of items.

On the Reddit forum, saali22 shared his calculations: “I was bored, so I put everything on sale (not including bundles [комплектов]) presently. Lovers complete the game 100% [«комплеционистам»] you have to pay 331,750 credits (i.e. 3 317,50 USD / EUR) to unlock everything.»

Joined in the comments Eichezin_17, who offered his calculations. According to his calculations, 8,700 out of 331,750 credits can be earned for free, which is only 2% of the total.

Peak online in Marvel’s Avengers в Steam November 21, 2021 948 people.

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