Entrepreneur at 11 to buy a horse

The 2021 OSEentreprendre Challenge in Abitibi-Témiscamingue has chosen its honorary president. At 14, Rosalie Vachon, owner of the soap factory Un cheval pour Rosalie, was given this role for the 23rd edition of the Challenge, which aims to promote entrepreneurial initiatives among young people.

Now 14 years old, Rosalie was able to buy her horse thanks to her business.

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Now 14 years old, Rosalie was able to buy her horse thanks to her business.

Dreaming from a young age of owning her own horse, the young entrepreneur had the idea to go into business at the age of 11. “Since I was two, I’ve just been talking about this. One day my parents told me: if you really want a horse, you have to find a way to raise your money so that you can buy it», She says.

Miss Vachon therefore began to think about a renewable product that she could make herself and put on the market.

«So I looked for an idea, something that I could sell to make my own money. A product that people were going to want to buy back, still popular, not too redundant, and there I had the idea of ​​making soapsShe recalls.

The girl then underwent training to learn the basics of making this product, and soon after began to make it herself at home.

Video: A huge challenge for the staff (Radio-Canada.ca)

A huge challenge for the staff



«At first, I didn’t have any money, so my parents loaned me the money to buy the materials. After that, I started doing some exhibitions in the area. I realized that people loved it and that it was really popular. So I continued to do it. Quickly, I had enough money to reimburse my parents. I could now buy all the products I needed to make my soaps myself», She indicates.

The entrepreneur then increased her presence in various public markets and exhibitions. A year after starting her business, she had raised enough money to buy her horse. The goal was accomplished.

Almost two years after achieving this goal, Rosalie Vachon is continuing the activities of her company. The possibility of stopping everything once the goal was reached was quickly ruled out.

«Of course I can’t stop. First of all, I really like it. It really is my passion. I never thought I would love entrepreneurship so much. I wouldn’t imagine stopping my business. Then my horse always has needs. The boarding house, the vet, the blacksmith, the food, so it’s sure to take some money away from me to support himThe teenager wisely remarks.

Now studying at Esther-Blondin College in Lanaudière, the entrepreneur indicates that she comes back regularly to Val-d’Or to take care of her horse. She says that as soon as the pandemic situation stabilizes, she will initiate steps to make new products.

«Maybe deodorants, people asked me a lot, so I made it one of my business projects. I would also like to make bath bombs, because they are really popular and also shaving creams for men. I am considering adding several other products to my offer to grow my business», She considers.

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