Entry into the USA remains prohibited: What the ban means for my vacation

Entry into the USA remains prohibited
What the ban means for my vacation

Entry into the USA is currently not possible for most Europeans

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The United States extends the entry ban for Europeans. But what exactly does that mean for my planned vacation?

The United States of America will not relax entry bans for travelers from Europe and other countries for the time being. This has been confirmed by Jen Psaki, 42, the press secretary for the White House. Due to the particularly contagious delta variant, they want to keep the existing entry restrictions for the time being. It is likely that the number of corona cases will continue to rise in the coming weeks.

Can I take my planned vacation?

It is currently unlikely that vacationers will be able to travel to the United States in the near future. According to the Foreign Office, there are exceptions from the entry ban, but very few people from Germany are likely to be affected by it. This excludes diplomats, US citizens, close relatives of US citizens, employees of international organizations and holders of a green card – i.e. people with permanent residence permits in the United States. Basically, tourist trips are to the USA currently not allowed.

How about the transit?

The entry bans also limit the possibilities for transit. For people who have stayed two weeks or less before traveling in Germany or other Schengen countries, airport transit is currently not possible, explains the Foreign Office on its website.

When will the restrictions be lifted?

It is currently not clear when the entry restrictions will be lifted. According to Psaki, while there is no unlimited plan for bans, there is currently no schedule for openings either. So vacationers should keep in mind that entry bans may still apply in a few weeks.


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