“Entry is for married couples only.” Put “Vaseline on cucumber” every night before going to sleep in this way, and you will never regret it.

Cucumber is one of the most important vegetables that are used for many purposes, including eating, as it is an essential component of salad ingredients, for example, but cucumber has other very important uses, which are to take care of the beauty of the skin well. It has characteristics, advantages and nutrients that allow it to do This is important to the fullest extent, besides that Vaseline is one of the most important moisturizers that are used by many during the winter season to get rid of dry skin once and for all, so we will work through the following lines in our article to show you how to benefit from the cucumber recipe with Vaseline is as follows

How to prepare a cucumber recipe with Vaseline

  • First, we take a piece of cucumber and make sure to peel it in order to get the cucumber extract
  • After that, we add a spoonful of raw medical Vaseline to it
  • Mg add a spoonful of starch
  • Then we add rose water or lemon juice to the mixture to work on mixing the ingredients together
  • These ingredients are stirred together well until we get a homogeneous mixture
  • It is set on fire
  • Then, it is removed to be placed in a clean box in the refrigerator until it is desired to be used

Benefits of cucumber recipe with soap

  • It works to get rid of skin problems such as the appearance of wrinkles
  • Lighten the skin and completely get rid of pimples

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