Entry of a shipment of supplies to JM de los Ríos was rejected

Entry of a shipment of medical supplies to JM de lo Ríos was rejected
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The Venezuelan union Monitor Salud denounced this Sunday that a shipment of food donated by the NGO Santi and his friends and directed to the JM de los Ríos children’s hospital in Caracas could not enter the medical center, although it did not specify which authority prevented the entry.

“At the JM de los Ríos hospital, not only are workers denied the possibility of being heard and receiving supplies for their protection, but patients, who are children, are also denied any donation,” he wrote on Twitter. the general coordinator of Monitor Salud, Mauro Zambrano.

The syndicalist He accompanied the complaint with a photo of a truck full of boxes with food donated by Santi and his friends, an NGO whose objective is to provide support to children and adolescents with chronic diseases from JM de los Ríos.

«This shipment full of food was a donation from the Santi organization and his friends. It was aimed at children and their caregivers, who, in many cases, do not even have what to eat and what they give in the hospital is truly deplorable. But it was not allowed, “he stressed.

Finally, she published a video of a woman identified as Elizabeth Suárez, mother of a leukemia patient, who asserts that the shortage of supplies in the hospital is “so alarming” that she had to keep “the injector that she got for her hospitalized son” .

“A nurse tells me that, with the same injector with which the blood was drawn, I can save it to reuse because there is no injector in the triage service.”

On September 10, Zambrano also denounced that the José Manuel de los Ríos, Venezuela’s main pediatric care center, is “in ruins.”

In February 2018, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) granted precautionary measures to a group of transplanted children from the JM de Los Ríos after several protests in which parents and the patients themselves denounced the lack of treatment in the Service of Nephrology.

Subsequently, in August 2019, the IACHR issued a resolution in which it urged the Venezuelan government to protect children with serious and urgent illnesses treated at that hospital.

The IACHR asked the Venezuelan State “to adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the life, personal integrity and health of the children” treated in 13 services of this hospital, and also asked to provide medical treatment and guarantee access to medicines.

On that occasion, he also asked the government of Venezuela to adopt “the necessary measures in order to ensure that the health and safety conditions in which the children and adolescent patients are found in the thirteen Services (…) comply with the standards applicable international standards ”.

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