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Day 18 of Colombian football continued its course this Friday with the duel between Envigado and Equidad. The people from the capital arrived with the need to win to continue fully in the fight to stay within eight.

Precisely those led by Alexis García started the game with all the initiative of the case. They fearlessly attacked Envigado and managed to attack him at various times.

Pablo Sabbag was in charge of warning in offensive matters, first with a header that passed very close to Joan Parra’s goal and later with a powerful cross shot that was barely wide.

As expected, Equidad was the one who opened the scoring with a very well-managed counterattack. After 25 minutes of play, Neider Barona gained speed on the left wing, entering the area he threw a wall with Sabbag and defined, but Francisco Báez saved on the line. Walmer Pacheco, who was very aware, captured the rebound and defined with the goal at his disposal.

The first option of the premises would arrive eight minutes later through Michael Nike Gómez. Yeison Guzmán hooked inside and released an excellent pass between the lines for Gómez, who ended up crashing the ball into the post. Of course, the linesman annulled the action out of place.

Envigado reacted for the second half and quickly matched the actions. Santiago Jiménez won a deep ball through the left zone, raised the center over the end line and Edison López scored with a header.

Despite the orange impulse, the chances were diminishing with the passing of the minutes. Both teams stopped taking risks and became strong in defense and then came out on a counterattack.

Of course, both José Arastey and Alexis moved their teams looking for solutions. The ace of the premises was Neyder Moreno, while the visit brought in Captain Stalin Motta and Kevin Salazar.

In the end it would be a one-goal tie between Envigadeños and insurers. While the former remain in the table with 20 units, the latter put their presence at risk in the eight with 26 units.


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