Envigado watered the red party in its 107 years of foundation

And it was not a happy birthday, as Envigado was left with the three points, in a game in which the Powerful was again run over, without depth and erratic and with few arguments to reverse an adverse score.

Envigado although he was not brilliant, with just enough, he took the victory, and very early he secured his three points, thanks to the goals of Tomás Amaya, middle distance, at 5 minutes and Neyder Moreno, who made the penalty kick sanctioned by the central Oscar Gomez, at 18 in the first part of the game.

What began in the dressing room as a red party, with the celebration of the 107 years of the founding of Medellín, ended in dismay with the defeat that leaves the team of Javier Alvarez in 14th place with 20 units, and a 33% performance (5 wins, 10 losses and 5 draws, with 22 goals in favor and 28 against).

Despite the good reaction in the second half, thanks to the income of Edwin Mosquera, and the delivery of Reina, who was again the best of the scarlets, some actions were generated, but only one joy reached, the goal of Bayron Garces, at 70 minutes.

Mosquera’s ability to dribble and attack, together with Reina’s good footing, who tested the rival goalkeeper with a free kick and from medium distance, made DIM look a little better and at times close to a draw, but in the end the local managed to control the game and stay with the victory.

Merit also of the youthful archer Joan Felipe Parra de Envigado, who managed to save his team on two clear occasions, in actions by Reina, Mosquera and Cuesta.

Now, Envigado and Medellín will focus on the Liguilla, which starts next week and in which the grand prize is the right to compete for a place in the 2021 South American Cup, with the best of the reclassification.

Technical: José Arastey.

Players: Joan Felipe Parra; Santiago Jiménez, Francisco Báez, Santiago Noreña, Tomás Maya; Juan Manuel Zapata, Edinson López, Juan Lucas Rivera (Santiago Muñoz, 67 ‘), Neyder Moreno (Yilmar Celedon, 87’); Jorge Aguirre (Yeison Guzmán, 75 ‘) and Michael Nike Gómez.

Goals: Tomás Maya (5 ‘) and Neyder Moreno (18’, penalty).

Expelled: Juan Zapata (91 ‘).

Figure: Joan F. Parra.

Technical: Javier Alvarez.

Players: Luis Vásquez, Luis Mena (Juan Manuel Cuesta, 57 ‘), Guillermo Tegüé, Andrés Cadavid, Yulián Gómez (Yesid Díaz, 76’); Juan Carlos Díaz (Miguel Ángel Monsalve, 76 ‘), Larry Angulo, Didier Delgado, Juan Ospina (Edwin Mosquera, 43’); Javier Reina and Steven Rodríguez (Bayron Garcés, 43 ‘).

Goal: Bayron Garcés (70 ‘).

Expelled: did not have.

Figure: Javier Reina.

Stadium: South Sports Center.
/ Referee: Óscar Gómez (Antioquia).
/ Assistants: Elkin Echavarría (Antioquia) and John Reyes (Antioquia).
/ Ticket office: door closed

Graphic: Infographic Department


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