Environment: an index to measure the repairability of electronic devices

Among the new reforms this year, the appearance of the repairability index on electronic devices. Like the nutri-score, which indicates the nutritional value of a food product. This is to signify the simplicity or not to repair your smartphone, your television or your washing machine.

“I’d rather pay more for a product than pay less and pay for another in three years.”

Séverine prefers to repair her electronic devices rather than buy them back. His way of consuming is in line with the new law to fight against planned obsolescence.

A rating from 1 to 10 and a color code

Since January 1, a new logo indicates the repairability index of products, with a score from 1 to 10 and several colors: green when the device is easy to repair and inexpensive, yellow if repair is possible but the spare parts are expensive, and red when the device is just good to throw away.

Smartphone, television …

The Repairability Index covers televisions, computers, smartphones, washing machines and lawn mowers. The cost of spare parts is often high and discourages consumers who have less and less recourse to a repairer.

Ludovic Monfort, appliance repair technician explains: “Some washing machine tubs cannot be dismantled, nor ordering a complete tub for the customer will be too expensive and we have to tell them that it is not worth fixing.”

To be well rated, a device must meet five different criteria:

– The documentation ;
– Removal, access, tools and fixings;
– The availability of spare parts;
– The price of spare parts;
– Information on the nature of updates, free remote assistance and the possibility of software reset.

The suppliers have fallen a bit behind. The repairability index is currently not visible on products available in store.


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