‘Epa Colombia’ will be sued for insult. Lowe León announced legal action

That talk between ‘Epa Colombia’ Y Andrea Valdiri had everything, but what most caught the attention of the followers of the two media figures was the moment they talked about Lowe Leon.

Daneidy Barrera – true name of the influencer – gave the singer with everything, who has had legal problems with Valdiri for the paternity of his daughter. Although he did not mention it, he said until “little man”.

While he did not say his name, it is clear that ‘Epa Colombia’ was referring to León. The context of the rift between him and Valdiri was evident and the words were heavy.

“I really don’t like his ex-partner and I think he’s a super little man, because he is. If I were a ‘man’, I would not speak ill of a woman or even knowing that the woman I have spoken ill of is going to have my child, ”Barrera noted.

As he spoke, the tone increased. He said that she “couldn’t be so stupid.” And followed.

Why does the man every time he speaks ill of you, he puts out a song? Can’t he promote it himself without having to talk about you? “

This is the exact moment rescued by a gossip account, in which ‘Epa Colombia’ spoke of Lowe León:

Lowe Leon will nail you demand a ‘Epa Colombia’

After Barrera’s statements –who has already faced justice for vandalizing Transmilenio– the singer announced legal action. He will sue her for injury.

The singer released a statement on his Instagram stories where he states that will take action against ‘Epa Colombia’.

“Muva Legal, as a firm that represents the interests of Luis (Lowe) León, communicates that it will take all pertinent legal actions, including a criminal complaint for the crime of injury against Daneidy Barrera (Epa Colombia) for the dishonorable charges that he carried out through social networks in which he denigrates our client, affecting his good name, honor and reputation, from whom we have already requested, in a respectful manner, the retraction of his abusive comments ”.

This is the statement, also rescued on Instagram:


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