Epic buys a start-up that may allow it to change the face of video games

What if your avatar Fortnite smiled or grimaced the same way you do? Epic has just bought Hyprsense, a small company specializing in modeling facial expressions to be applied to a 3D avatar.

In the process of being integrated into those of Epic, the start-up’s teams have developed several technologies that capture facial expressions using a simple webcam. They can then be adapted to any 3D animated avatar. All were usable in the app Hyprmeet. Will it soon be possible to add ultra realistic facial expressions to your characters in Epic’s famous video game?

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L’application Hyprmeet – in free beta until a few hours ago – is no longer available at this time. If we are to believe the statements of Kim Libreri, Chief Technical Officer of Epic, this tool is now likely to be made available primarily to content creators.

“Hiring the Hyprsense teams will allow us to come a little closer to our ambition to give creators all the tools and means necessary to express themselves as faithfully as possible, down to the smallest details. “

See Hyprmeet offering again as a free application accessible from any store therefore seems compromised for the moment. On the other hand, those who use Fortnite and 3D modeling solutions from Epic (Unreal Engine) to promote their activities as gamers, artists or designers of video games, could see it arrive in their toolbox.

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Facial expressions larger than life

Music groups perform in space Party Royale, the one where you put your weapons away, to better relax and enjoy good times with friends and adversaries. It is also there that cinema majors or studios have decided to screen, in preview, certain trailers of their films.

Competitive play – banned from Apple’s App Store – has also become a place of meeting and exchange for a whole community. You could almost call it a social networking game, as it was Second Life in his days. The guns too.

Sources : Hyprsense via The Verge

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