Epic Games admitted to copying “Among Us” and accused of being very similar to its new gameplay “Finding Ghosts”

Epic Games admitted that the new Impostors mode of “Fortnite” was inspired by Innersloth’s “Among Us”, and jokingly referred to the cooperation with Innersloth, but in the v18.20 version of the game content, there is no mention of “tribute” to the game.

The “Fortnite” Impostors mode was updated in August and immediately attracted the attention of the developers of “Among Us” after the update of the mode. The developers pointed out the similarities between this model and “Among Us”, such as map design, the theme of “ghost hunting” and game terminology. Epic Games responded to the allegations several months after the update of the model. When introducing the update of “Fortnite” v18.20 on October 12, it publicly acknowledged that the Impostors model was indeed inspired by Innersloth’s “Among Us”, and Xiaozhi cooperates with Innersloth.

Although Epic Games admitted to refer to “Among Us”, in the “Fortnite” game, there is no mention of “Among Us” for this “reference” move. And “Fortnite” is not the first time it has been accused of plagiarizing other games. The most classic is the “reference” “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” battle royale gameplay.


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