Epic Games buys a shopping center to make it its new office

And Epic Games has made a name for itself in action shooting games with Unreal then Gears of War, the studio is now best known for being behind Fortnite, the free-to-play unmissable for over three years. Epic Games will take advantage of its success to change its premises and go … to a shopping center.

As reported Eurogamer, the studio has just bought the Cary Towne Center, in the city of Cary in North Carolina, a shopping center of more than 91,000 square meters which is located just a few steps from the current head office ofEpic Games. The studio has chosen this location for its modularity, it will indeed be possible to build offices and more recreational spaces in the same place. There will obviously be work, which should last until 2024, and even if Epic Games is the owner of the premises, he may rent certain locations to the local community.

For now, the Cary Towne Center therefore looks like a simple shopping center, remains to be seen if Epic Games will have fun with the decoration to make the place look like Mega Mall, but this is unlikely, even if references to Fortnite are inevitable. You can buy some V-Bucks sure Amazon.

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