Epic Games settles lootboxes in Fortnite and Rocket League – Gaming – News

I’ll stick with it: Lootboxes are the virus that is spreading rapidly within the gaming industry. Partly thanks to shareholders who want to see extremely high profits.

To run a casino online you need permits in various countries and you have to keep minors from all forms of gambling and gambling addictions, but within gaming everything is allowed.

Konami is just a good example of a totally diseased game publisher. Have switched from making beautiful games to running casinos, source: https://www.konami.com/ga…aspx?k1=56&k2=2&K3=0&K4=0

Konami used to be the publisher of good video games for me, such as the Castlevania series, nowadays we don’t have to expect anything good in that area, unfortunately …

Fortunately, there is Bloodstained, which I hope will one day come out with a multiplayer / coop. Because Castlevania Harmony of Despair was great. The last real Castlevania game in my eyes, where all characters came together one last time WITH coop mode.

Regarding lootboxes, I would have said in the past: buy indie games, but they also bring more and more skins / lootboxes / etc. in their games.
For example, the aforementioned Rocket Leage once started as an Indie Game. I would be very sorry to have ever paid for it, while it now has too much “free to play / pay to win (look good)” structure.

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