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Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Seong-cheol), the Korean subsidiary of Epic Games, a game developer and game engine developer, announced on the 28th that it will provide the PC version of Uhmong Earth for free as the second free masterpiece game as part of the Epic Mega Sale.

When the Epic Games Store opened the Epic Mega Sale event last week, they announced that they would provide one masterpiece game selected by Epic Games every week for 4 weeks, and as the first game, NBA 2K21 was distributed for free for a week.

Irmon Earth, the work of indie developer Innerslos, is selected as the second free masterpiece after NBA 2K21 and will be provided free of charge until June 3rd.

Released in 2018, Irmon Earth began to gain popularity due to its simple operation and easy difficulty, and achieved tremendous success last year. It supports cross-platform, and unlike the mobile version, you can focus on the game without advertisements with the PC version of Umong Earth with comfortable operation and more free chatting.

Players must board a ship with other companions and complete multiple tasks amidst the sabotage and death threats of one or more imposters. If you find a dead colleague or find something suspicious, you can request an emergency meeting and cast a player suspected of being an imposter into space through voting. But be careful, as the imposter can convince other comrades to banish innocent citizens.

The Epic Mega Sale, which runs until June 17, includes Death Stranding (60%), Godfall Standard Edition (34%), Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX (33%), Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (25%). ), Cyberpunk 2077 (20%), and Odd Worlds: Soulstorm (20%), which offers first-time discounts, as well as Borderlands 3 (67%), GTA 5: Premium Edition (45%), Detroit Become You can purchase popular games of various genres such as Human (30%) and Outrider (25%) at a discount of up to 75%.

In addition, you will receive unlimited Epic Gift Certificates with additional discounts that can be used on games above the discounted price, and the free Fortnite Pack, Street Shadows Challenge Pack, is also provided for free.

Meanwhile, the critically acclaimed Dragon Quest XI S: In Search of the Past has launched a special 35% discount. Dragon Quest XI S: Retrieving the Past adds all the content and usability enhancements, new content and features of the original Dragon Quest XI, including 3D HD or 2D 16-bit mode, original soundtrack or orchestral version BGM, and audio in English or Japanese. You can choose what you want to play. In addition to the vast content of the game itself, you can meet new character-specific scenarios, and you can enjoy an upgraded adventure through the new limited play setting.

For more information about the free game Irmon Earth and the Epic Mega Sale, visit the Epic Games Store website.

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