Epic Games: the studio acquires the company Rad Game Tools

Epic Games keeps getting bigger and bigger. After having bought a derelict shopping center to make it its new offices, the American giant offered itself the company Rad Game Tools. If you forgot, Rad Game Tools was created in 1988 and the firm has created many popular software in the gaming sphere such as Bink Video or the data compression tool Oodle.

So, Rad Game Tools and Epic Games will work hand in hand to improveUnreal Engine and benefit developers and players alike. Note however that Rad Game Tools will still be able to sell its licenses to different companies working in video games, cinema or television, even if the latter do not make use of theUnreal Engine.

The members of Rad Game Tools will therefore work in close collaboration with the various Epic teams responsible for sound or animation and thus integrate key technologies and improvements to the Unreal Engine. The combined strengths of Rad and Epic will give even more developers access to tools that speed up the uploading and downloading of their games in addition to providing gamers with a much better gaming experience.

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