Epic Games to Close Marvel Knockout Super Series with Million Dollar Tournament

The Marvel Knockout Super Series have been livening up Fortnite’s esports scene in recent weeks. Born from a long collaboration between the publisher Riot Games and the famous American comic book publisher, Marvel, this series of tournaments has given pride of place to many franchises of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

From Black Widow to Daredevil to Venom, players have had the opportunity to collect new skins of their favorite heroes and, in the process, take part in various Marvel-branded competitions.

To end this cycle on a high note, Riot Games has announced a Million Dollar Closing Tournament! Played online, this final event will be divided into several regional areas including Europe. The 500 best teams from the Old Continent at the end of the competition will have the chance to share between $ 600 and $ 4,000 each, which makes it the best endowed region on the planet!

This tournament will be played in duo and will contain several qualifying stages per region. The first will last around three hours and allow pairs to play a maximum of ten games during this time. The thousand best teams at the end of this first round will then qualify for the grand final.

This, played in the same format, will reward the best players with monetary gains but also, it seems, with some surprises in play!

Are you level 30 and have two-factor authentication enabled? So don’t delay in registering. The Super Cup is already this Saturday, November 21, 2020!

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