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News hardware Epic vs Apple: Valve (Steam) is forced to provide information for the lawsuit between the two giants

The fight between the various behemoths of the video game industry, namely Epic Games and Apple continues, and unveils a new chapter on February 26, 2021.

Today we learn that as part of the ongoing legal battle, Valve, the owner of the Steam store, is under an obligation to provide extensive information to the court including the sales history of many. games available on its digital store. This new demand came after Apple enlisted the help of the creator of Steam last November to secure sales on each of the games since 2015. The objective is of course to counter the allegations of Epic Games by proving that the general conditions of the App Store reflect those of other software distribution platforms.

Valve initially refused the request, stating that their company is not at the center of the legal matter and that “Valve is not Epic and Fortnite is not available on Steam”, but today, therefore, the owner of Steam has been forced to release his confidential information. However, the American judge Thomas S. Hixson did not find it necessary to go back to 2015, and decided to stop at the year 2017.

According to Judge Thomas S. Hixson, Valve would not be the only company to have to reveal its confidential information to help bring a conclusion to this case which began on August 13, 2020. As a reminder, it all started when Epic Games tried to bypass the 30% commission rate taken by Apple when a purchase is made on the App Store by directly offering a store in its game. Fortnite.

The trial that was originally scheduled to take place in UK courts will ultimately take place in the United States in May 2021.

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