Epidemiologist: The Importance of Discipline in Implementing Health Protocols in Vaccination Activities

Report of Tribunnews Journalist, Fitri Wulandari

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Australian Griffith University epidemiologist Dicky Budiman said that in connection with the corona virus (Covid-19) vaccination, several people were actually infected after receiving the first injection or just before the second injection.

“We have also seen several reported cases, even those infected after or receiving the first injection or before the second one,” said Dicky, to Tribunnews, Wednesday (24/2/2021) night.

According to him, this could happen if during vaccination activities, health protocols were ignored.

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Like what just happened when the vaccination activity took place and targeted traders at Tanah Abang Market, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (23/2/2021) yesterday.

The traders who queue to get the vaccine do not even keep their distance and cause crowds.

This factor is what he thinks has the potential to create a new Covid-19 cluster.

“It can happen in this situation,” explained Dicky.

Dicky then emphasized that the problem that caused the cluster did not come from the vaccines that were to be or had been given, but on the principle of preventing virus transmission that would be ignored by vaccine recipients.

“Not because of the vaccine, but because the principle of prevention is not applied,” said Dicky.

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