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Deportivo Cali was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the 2020 BetPlay League when they fell 0-1 this Saturday at their stadium in Palmaseca against La Equidad, which became the first semifinalist of the contest and will be a very complicated rival in the key.

Again the refereeing was in the eye of the hurricane, this time with Mario Herrera, who did not measure the same dangerous actions committed by both clubs.

Equidad went out to look for the best returns in David González’s area and very early on he saw how his opponent was left with one less player, which favored his actions. Cali, for its part, failed again in the definition and wasted a large number of goal options.

Around 8 minutes, Kevin Velasco went to dispute a ball with Wálmer Pacheco, the visiting player was left in pain on the floor and Mario Herrera went to the VAR and then sent off the green-and-white player for stepping on his opponent’s ankle.

At minute 10, a left-footed shot by Matías Mier and the ball hit the left vertical. Equidad tried to take advantage of the numerical superiority and raised his lines, putting Cali on his ground, then it was Amaury Torralvo who shot over at 15.

Novoa’s first ‘sugar’ shot to goal was a free kick that the capital’s goalkeeper saved without a problem.

At 21 minutes there was a failure in the power plant and the game was interrupted and those 17 minutes of rest gave a break to the local team, which returned with more impetus and had two shots with Agustín Palavecino (at the post) and Ángelo Rodríguez .

Out of 32 they asked for a hand from Agrón when Angelo squeezed it, but they did not give a penalty. Cali kept trying, almost always in the passing game, but that factor was a breeding ground for the ‘insurance’ defense.

Agrón himself stomped on Ángelo in the middle of the field and neither Herrera nor the VAR judges made a decision, they did not even review it.

Jhon Vásquez also tried with a frontal shot at ground level at 42, but Novoa controlled well. Equidad returned to 46 and Hansel Zapata threw the ball very high.

At the beginning of the second half, Equidad again showed his intention to go up. At 5, a Zapata center did not reach Mier and they evacuated him at the corner kick.

A quick exit by Carlos Rodríguez allowed Equidad to go up on the scoreboard, after Matías Mier finished off and the ball was deflected by Eduard Caicedo’s left leg to get over González’s left vertical, at 18.

Cali also did everything possible to get the goal through Jhon Vásquez and then with a touch of the chest from Andrés Colorado that Diego Novoa saved over the horizontal.

On 30 Juan Mahecha committed an infraction to Juan Camilo and after seeing the VAR Herrera showed him the red one.

At 33, goalkeeper Novoa came out with his fists up and fouled Colorado, but Herrera did not whistle.

A shot from Vasquez hit a white defender, the rebound was taken by Palavecino, but Novoa returned to stay with the ball. Vásquez himself headed uncomfortably at 40 and the ball went wide.

Cali insisted until the minute, twice with Palavecino, a shot that returned the crossbar and a header that Novoa saved without a problem.

Torralvo was sent off after 47 minutes, but the time was up. Equidad will be measured in the semifinals to the winner of the Santa Fe vs Pasto key.


Cali 0-1 The Equity

Deportivo Cali: David González (6); Juan Camilo Angulo (6); Hernán Lessse (6), Eduard Caicedo (6), Kevin Velasco (SC); Andrés Colorado (6), Jhojan Valencia (6), Agustín Palavecino (6), Deiber Caicedo (5); Jhon Vásquez (6), Ángelo Rodríguez (5).

Changes: Jesús Arrieta by Deiber Caicedo (19 ST) Hárold Gómez by Eduardo Caicedo (19 ST), Carlos Lizarazo (8) by Jhojan Valencia (35 ST).

Andrés Balanta (6) by Brayan Montaño (26 PT), (14 ST), Jesús Arrieta (5) by Ángelo Rodríguez (23 ST), Roger Andretty (5) by Andrés Arroyo (23 ST).

DT: Alfredo Arias.

Equity: Diego Novoa (7); Joan Castro (6), David Agrón (6), Andrés Murillo (7), Amaury Torralvo (6); Stalin Motta (6), Pablo Lima (6), Walmer Pacheco (6), Juan C. Colina (6), Matías Mier (8); Hansel Zapata (6).

Changes: Juan Mahecha (SC) by Andrés Murillo (26 PT), Carlos Rodríguez (6) by Hansel Zapata (11 ST), Damir Zamora (6) by Stalin Mota (32 ST).

D.T.: Alexis Garcia.

0-1: Matías Mier (18 ST)

Admonished: Amaury Torralvo (24 ST), Juan Mahecha (28 ST) for Equity.

Driven out:
Kevin Velasco (8 ST) for Cali. Juan Mahecha (30 ST), Amaury Torralvo (45 + 2 ST) for La Equidad.

Match: Intense

Figure: Matías Mier (8).

Stadium: Deportivo Cali (Palmaseca)

Assistance: No audience

Referee: Mario Herrera (4)

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
In twitter: @marquitosgarces


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