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”Is a Danish supernatural series of , created by Tea Lindeburg and based on the podcast “Equinox 1985”, which at the time topped the list of Apple podcasts in your country. The thriller follows the life of a young woman who suffers the trauma of her sister’s inexplicable disappearance along with her entire college class in 1999.

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The series is set in Denmark and it comes and goes between 1999 and today, and although the followers of the supernatural received with caution this production of , with the passage of the chapters they recognized that he did the job.

“Has even been compared to””, The German series from the same streaming service that caused a stir due to its proposal for the complex theme of time travel.

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And it is that the Danish series revolves around an event that has been inexplicable for decades, to give a conclusion to the problem it has had Astrid, interpreted by Danica Curcic, for so long. What exactly happened in the final episode and what does it mean? has the answer to what happened in “”.


Everything is based on the legend of Ostara (Photo: Netflix)

Dealing with a case that remained unsolved for 21 years, one who still haunts her, Astrid begins to devote all his time to the mysterious disappearance in 1999 of the 21 students that disappeared into thin air just as they were celebrating their graduation from high school.

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Among them was his sister Ida, which then had 18 years. Astrid, who was nine years old when it happened, began having traumatic nightmares about it shortly after, for which she was even admitted to the psychiatric ward. But little did she know that they would somehow help her resolve the matter one day.

To understand the end of “Equinox”, You must first understand a little of the mythology that drives it. He folklore of Ostara is told in different ways, but their Danish and German roots relate it to the origins of Easter Bunny. The Goddess of Spring, Ostara, a human woman, fell madly in love with the King Hare during the equinox. And he returned her feelings in equal measure.

In “Equinox”, everything revolves around the disappearance of several boys in 1999 (Photo: Netflix)

However, due to their nature, they had to part ways. But even then Ostara felt his presence everywhere, discovering eggs in the places where they had been together. This tale is presented to us quite early in “Equinox”, When the father of Astrid He tells it like a bedtime story, and reveals that it is his favorite.

But what it does is heralds the end. Essentially, it implies that Ida was Ostara all the time, and so was Astrid, his real sister. The woman they both considered their mother, Lene, unable to get pregnant, somehow had made a deal with King Hare, in the way of Henrik, what’s going on with him Ida in the past.

The terms of their agreement were that the girl would return to him at the age of 18 and he would deliver what he had once been promised. However, when Ida had an abortion, unknowingly broke the pact, which infuriated Henrik. In turn, he held her and her 20 companions Until the deal was fulfilled from the other side.

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King Hare was among the protagonists of
King Hare was among the stars of “Equinox” throughout the program (Photo: Netflix)

And because it is said that Cheesea runs in the blood in the same way that water runs in the river, once Astrid return to him, everything is corrected. Those who had been trapped for a long time are released and the King Hare rejoins with Ostara. However, instead of returning to the real world, Ida and Astrid choose to live with him King Hare in another realm entirely.

Lene and Dennismarried and in love at one point, they wanted to start a family together, so when Lene realized that she could not get pregnant, evoked the King Hare to have a baby. He granted the wish, but specified that the child would have to be returned to him at the age of 18 years.

That is why Lene She seems to be so overprotective of her older daughter, restricting her freedom whenever possible. Once Ida ends up pregnant, Lene changes the deal to give up Ida’s baby instead of your own Ida, to whom she “had come to like”. But when Ida has an abortion without her mother knowing, she unknowingly changes the course of nature.

King Hare knows what he wants and will not release the missing until he gets it (Photo: Netflix)
King Hare knows what he wants and will not release the missing until he gets it (Photo: Netflix)

Lenein a panic, he tries to do his best to warn Ida that she could end up hurt by her actions, but the teenager doesn’t listen. And so the worst fears of Lene getting alive. Henrik makes the teen’s graduation bus crash and takes all the students on board, except three.

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He traps them in his cave of orange mist from another world where they cannot move or grow old until they get what they promised. That same cave is the one that tormented Astrid most of his life. The three people had unknowingly already played their part in fulfilling the deal made by Lene and the King Hare to take you to Ida at the age of 18 years.

So once things went wrong forgave them to make sure they did the same thing again with Astrid the time has come. Furthermore, they had already chosen their respective prophecies with the help of the libro Grimoire, that they simply had to live their lives with their chosen consequences.

Jakob lost the woman he loved to him King Hare. Amelia loses her life, her best friend, and her sanity, wanting to be Ida and be with Ida. Falke he suffers mentally every day until things are set in motion to be corrected once more. At the end, Jakob and Falke, knowing that their purposes have finally been fulfilled, they take their own lives.

The fate of the three is sad, but it is what they decided themselves (Photo: Netflix)
The fate of the three is sad, but it is what they decided themselves (Photo: Netflix)


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