Erdogan is open to discussions in the gas dispute

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has assured Germany‘s Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) of his readiness for a negotiated solution in the conflict over gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean. “Constructive” and “fair” discussions are required, Erdogan said in a video call with Merkel. According to the presidential office, Erdogan has also underscored his resolute policy.

In the coming week, the EU will discuss possible sanctions against Turkey. Since the discovery of rich gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean, there has been heated dispute over their exploitation. Both the EU members Greece and Cyprus as well as Turkey lay claim to the sea areas concerned and underpin this by sending warships. This raises concerns in the EU that the dispute could lead to a military conflict.

At the weekend, the withdrawal of the Turkish research vessel “Oruc Reis” and its warship escort from the disputed sea area had raised hopes that the conflict would ease. However, Turkey had announced that it was only about maintenance work, after which the ship should return to use. A Turkish naval exercise near the island of Cyprus was also extended to October 12.

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