Eric Ciotti and Eric Zemmour, it’s “white bonnet and white bonnet”, loose Renaud Muselier

Faced with Jean-Jacques Bourdin, for his first media outlet after being affected by the Covid-19, Renaud Muselier settled accounts this Wednesday morning. And in particular with Eric Ciotti, candidate for the nomination of LR for the next presidential election. The president of the Paca region accuses him of “saying today that he is close to Mr. Zemmour, more than to Mr. Macron”.

“His words in the context of his campaign do not correspond at all to the legacy of our political family, of what we have made. There has always been a barrier with the extreme right, there were no winks, caresses and love. I do not want this right ”, tackled the president of the Paca region, on BFMTV-RMC.

“Renaud Muselier is the little telegraphist of macronism”, replies Ciotti

For him, Eric Ciotti and Eric Zemmour, it’s “white bonnet and white bonnet”. And if the member of the Alpes-Maritimes won in the primary, “I would leave my political family, he ruled. That would mean that she will have decided to put someone more to the right than the extreme right, according to him. I will resign immediately. “

Renaud Muselier also announced that he had written to Christian Jacob, the president of LR, to withdraw the presidency of the party’s nomination committee from the deputy for Alpes-Maritimes.

On France Info this Wednesday morning, Eric Ciotti also scratched the president of the regional council of Paca. “Renaud Muselier is the little telegraphist of macronism, like some of his friends who have already been in Emmanuel Macron’s camp,” he said, probably referring to Christian Estrosi, who resigned from LR.

The president of the Paca region also targets David Lisnard

For his part, the boss of Paca also had a word for David Lisnard, the LR mayor of Cannes candidate for the presidency of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF). Arguing that he “campaigned for Thierry Mariani”, against him, during the regional, Renaud Muselier accused him of being an “opportunist”.

He specifies that he supports Philippe Laurent to take the head of the AMF, and not David Lisnard: “Do you think that the mayor of Cannes is representative of all the mayors of France? It’s not the Cannes Film Festival and the everyday red carpet. “

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