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Éric Zemmour announces his candidacy for the presidential election

AA / Nice / Feiza Ben Mohamed

The polemicist and French journalist, Eric Zemmour, announced Tuesday in a video posted on his social networks, his candidacy for the presidential election of 2022.

This announcement comes after the person has maintained the vagueness for several weeks, linking trips to the provinces and other meetings, without ever officially calling himself a candidate.

“For decades, our governments on the right and on the left have led us on this fatal path of decline and decadence,” he said facing the camera.

Addressing those who “have the feeling of no longer being” at home, and consider themselves “exiles from the Interior”, he said he was “determined to take back (the) destiny” of the French “in hand. “.

He also assures us that “the left and the right” have “lied” and that “it is no longer time to reform France but to save it”.

“I thought that a politician was going to seize the torch that I passed on to him. I told myself to each his profession, his role, his fight, but I came back from this illusion “, he continued before adding” that no politician would have the courage to save the country from the tragic fate that looms. ‘waited’.

Note that this media declaration of candidacy comes at a time when Eric Zemmour is at the heart of several controversies, especially after the revelation of a relationship with his advisor Sarah Knafo, whose press people had revealed that she was pregnant.

He was also strongly criticized for giving a middle finger to a woman in Marseille, before recognizing an inelegant gesture.

As a reminder, Eric Zemmour is regularly talked about for his outrageous or racist postures concerning Islam and immigration.

He has already been convicted of acts of “incitement to racial discrimination” and continues to be prosecuted for similar acts.

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