Eric Zemmour deploys his staging strategy

Eric Zemmour called on his team “A show of popular and political force”. Posters flanked by the slogan “Impossible is not French” were to be put up on the night from Friday to Saturday. Its new logo, an olive branch declined in blue, white, red, lines the walls of the HQ – echoing the Berber name azemmur, which means “the olive”, and with the symbol which marks out the representations of Napoleon, the kings of France and the Republic. A staging effort surrounding his first electoral rally, after a stormy interview at TF1’s “8 pm” and a declaration clip seen 2.6 million times.

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“The video is a staging”, has already claimed the far-right candidate on TF1. An amateur film at the height of his desires, when his trip to Marseille would have failed, he claims, because not enough “Staging”. Its mode of action asserts itself: to stage reality to adapt it to its political project. “The real is in the screen”, theorized Jacques Pilhan, adviser to Mitterrand and Chirac, quoted by Raphaël Llorca, doctoral student in philosophy of language and associate expert at the Jean Jaurès Foundation: “We are in the midst of a battle of images, which becomes the battle for reality. Zemmour offers a framework for a simplistic interpretation of the world, which can be extremely powerful in the surrounding political and semantic vagueness. “

In his clip with a nationalist aesthetic, Eric Zemmour adds visual stimuli to his speech on his “Thousand-year-old France” which would be threatened by foreigners and by Islam. According to the philosopher and communicator Jérôme Batout, he “Looted references that did not belong to him, in both the literal and symbolic sense, to construct the appearance of a framing: he creates a halo, a fog, a saturated landscape. Zemmour launches a symbolic bombardment. This profusion may be tempting for those who seek to tie into a global narrative, but it is an operation of illusion. “

Magnifying glass and framing effects

Eric Zemmour has already used staging by image in Drancy, on October 25, when he strolled with a CNews camera to illustrate his point on the racist theory of a “great replacement”. Live framing effect. To a young man who explains that he is “Born here” and that his “Parents have less means”, Zemmour gets carried away: “I had less the means than you; me, my grandparents, they lived less well than yours; me, they had no aid, no social benefits, no RSA! “ His interlocutor tries to answer, but Zemmour leaves; the young man is already no longer in the frame.

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