Erick Thohir Praises Jokowi’s Breakthrough, What Is It?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – BUMN Minister Erick Thohir praised President Jokowi’s breakthrough in attracting investment. One of the breakthroughs is the development of an integrated industrial area in Batang, Central Java, where land is free for investors.

“Industrial development in Batang, Subang. If anyone wants to build a factory, there is no need to acquire land. Land does not have to buy. The water is prepared, these are breakthroughs from the president, but give us time,” said Erick in Jakarta, Monday (10/8) .

In addition, Erick also mentioned the development of an integrated food area or food estate that is being promoted by President Jokowi.

“Including program acceleration food estate. Because Covid-19 teaches us to improve the supply chain, “he said.

The Batang Industrial Estate is an ‘attraction’ for the government to attract domestic and foreign investors to invest in Indonesia. The plan is for the government to make leased land in the Batang Industrial Estate free for 10 years to investors.

Minister of Industry (Menperin) Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita said the Batang Industrial Estate would become a haven for investors, if later they were interested in building a factory or establishing a business there.

“The government will provide incentives most likely for the use of 10 years free charge land. So there is no need to rent 10 years,” explained Agus.

At present, said Agus, the development of the Batang Industrial Zone is currently still under construction and it is hoped that all of its infrastructure can be completed this year.

“The infrastructure must be completed by the end of this year, starting from roads, water, waste management and so on. A port will also be built in Batang,” said Agus.

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