Erick Thohir will privatize SOEs whose revenues are below Rp. 50 billion

JAKARTA, – Minister of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir plans to privatize state-owned companies with small revenues.

However, this wish needs to be discussed further with the House of Representatives (DPR) and the Indonesian Financial Audit Board (BPK).

“BUMN which is revenuejust privatize Rp. 50 billion or less, “said Erick as a speaker at the 2021 HIPMI National Working Meeting, Friday (5/3/2021).

The former Inter Milan boss wants BUMN not to compete with small national companies. He wants SOEs to be able to compete with international companies.

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What are you doing (BUMN) play small ones, it is better for BUMN to play big, tens of trillions of which we can also be at the forefront of competing with foreigners, “he said.

Erick added that state-owned companies must be able to collaborate with local entrepreneurs. However, the collaboration must be mutually beneficial.

“I also want SOEs whose revenue is not only hundreds or even tens, it is better not to become BUMN, more win-win, why do BUMN have drinking water companies, BUMN supply their asphalt to BUMN contractors, for what. That is what we want now to keep small. We just cover it up, “he said.

The founder of Mahaka Media gave an example of the form of siding with SOEs to small companies. One of them occurred in a toll road construction project tender.

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According to Erick, there were several BUMNs that withdrew from the tender because they saw more private sector feasible to work on it.

“Now several toll roads that are visible to the private sector have entered, BUMN has withdrawn. There are already two points we are going backwards, its ok. But don’t look at this, this is KKN, Mr. Erick, this KKN with the private sector, BUMN being asked to resign, is wrong again. That’s why when we stepped back it was clear why, because the private tender was good, feasible, “He said.


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