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Christian Eriksen has been ruled out of the Euro Cup final against Finland after suffering a concussion. Christian Eriksson was transferred to the hospital after initial treatment. The incident happened in the first half of the match. The star was rushed to hospital. With this, UEFA announced that the match between Denmark and Finland in Group B has been stopped. However, UEFA said that the match would be completed at the request of the players once Eriksen overcame the danger. The first four minutes of the first half will be played. Followed by a five-minute break. UEFA said the match would then be played in the second half.

As the first half progressed, Eriksson fainted shortly after receiving a throw from a teammate near the Finnish box. No one was near Eriksson at this time. The star’s condition improved after he was rushed to hospital. Eriksen, 29, is a midfielder for Italian club Inter Milan.

With just minutes to go before the end of the first half of the Denmark-Finland match, the players and spectators alike were shocked. Eriksson collapsed within half of Finland. Fleeing comrades Martin Brathwaite and Thomas Delaney immediately sought the help of the medical team. Referee Anthony Taylor also intervened. All the players on the field panicked as Eriksen lay motionless. Excitement in the gallery gave way to anxiety.

The player was taken out on a stretcher after being given emergency treatment on the field for about 15 minutes. While the medical team was taking care of the player, the Danish players joined in and formed a ‘human wall’ to ensure privacy. Then the water cloth was brought and covered. Many of the players stood on the field in tears.

After initial treatment, the actress was taken out on a stretcher under a water cloth. The Danish Football Association and UEFA said Eriksen, who was transferred to hospital, was out of danger. It was later revealed that the player was conscious when he was taken out on a stretcher from the ground. UEFA decided to resume the match when it became clear that Eriksen had overcome the danger.


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  1. I wish christian erikson a full speady recovery even though im a manchster city fan i burst into tears when i saw that he had collapsed cause i love each and every player and him since he was playing for Tottenham.My prayers are with you my friend get well soon


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