Erika Vlieghe calls on Belgians, “we must stop bitching”

“If we keep repeating ourselves among ourselves: it’s horrible and we can’t take it anymore, then we sure can’t. I do not want to deny in any way how heavy it is for everyone and certainly for a whole series of groups, like a lot of people at risk or our young people, it is indisputable. But, conversely, I think, I’ve said it before and now I’m going to put it on my sweater, which we have to stop bitching ”.

The infectious disease specialist emphasizes that a lot of progress has been made compared to a year ago. “Exactly a year ago we had the first corona patient and we had tinkered with test units in containers in front of hospitals. We were caught in the storm of people returning from Italy. We could only perform a few dozen tests per day, now we can do tens of thousands ”.

“We have a whole vaccination strategy. It is going too slowly in our opinion, but we were able to vaccinate all the residential care centers. Mortality has dropped there and we are seeing far fewer outbreaks. This is enormous progress that we do not talk about enough. But this is real progress ”.

The infectiologist’s statement sparked reactions, especially from the political side. “To complain is one of the last freedoms that has not been reduced. It is legitimate in a democracy. We must know how to hear it. Tomorrow, I’m printing a ‘together, let’s speed up the vaccination!’ Sweater! it will be more useful, ”wrote Georges-Louis Bouchez on Twitter.


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