Érika Zapata, from Noticias Caracol, hurt by those who doubt her

The first thing that the reporter of the Caracol Televisión news program expressed, which is imitated by María Auxilio Vélezis that respects those who do not like his style of telling the stories and stressed that “that’s fine”because she is not bothered by the diversity of opinions.

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However, there is something around that that is making Zapata uncomfortable and, therefore, in his trill he stated: “What does hurt me is that they doubt that I am a prepared person.”

Additionally, the journalist justified her comment and He added that “80 percent” of his life has been spent “in universitiesgetting ready.

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He also justified his way of narrating —which, by the way, a few days ago it meant dozens of compliments— in that she wants to do a different kind of journalism, thinking about the audience.

“I wanted to bet on journalism translated into the language of the people”, Érika pointed out in her publication.

Journalists support Erika Zapatathat is hurt

The ‘post’ on Twitter by the journalist from Snail News generated several comments, among them those of his colleagues Daniel Samper Ospina and Karla Arcilawho dedicated a few words to him in the comments of his publication.

Let those messages slip by, Érika; You are extraordinary, authentic, you have your own voice and you know how to inform. Your work is invaluable and we love it: go ahead!” Samper expressed to him, while Arcila wrote to him: “Don’t worry about what people think, there will always be critics because yes or because not, you in yours, I continued to shine with that authenticity that characterizes you. Hug!”.

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