Ernesto Blume: The TC has not turned its back on the country

Ernesto Blume, magistrate of the Constitutional Court (TC), denied having turned his back on the country, after declaring the competition claim inadmissible, regarding the presidential vacancy.

“We have not turned our backs on the country, we have not acted cowardly. We have acted with courage and adjusted to our actions, to the responsibility that we have beyond any favorable reaction ”, said Judge Blume to #2020N.

In addition, he stressed that citizens have to accept the majority decision made by the TC. He indicated that he will not allow this institution to be used as a pretext in the face of conflicts between different actors.

“They have to accept the decision of a majority, this is how democracy works. What happens is that in our country there is an intolerance to accept the decision of the majority and the institutions, he said.

Blume Fortini He also criticized the president of the TC, Marianella Ledesma, stating that she came before the media to defend her vote and not the collegiate decision adopted by the highest interpreter of the Constitution.

“It does not worry that the doctor LedesmaInstead of defending the institutional position, he has come out to defend his vote. I regret that the current president of the TC had that reaction. I understand that it is an issue where there are points of view, but we must respect, ”he said.

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