ERROR fat boy broke into the barrier to disrupt the situation, Hu Hongjun, don’t mind falling out of the top 15

■Hu Hongjun rehearsed for the concert yesterday.

[Report from Sing Tao Daily]Hu Hongjun recently entered the top 15 of “My Favorite Male Singers”, but the situation changed yesterday. Hu Hongjun was stung away because the fat boy of ERROR broke into the top 15. Yesterday, Hu Hongjun said during the rehearsal concert that the vote was fair, or that he would be shortlisted again, and that he would never deliberately canvass for the awards ceremony in the past.Text: Yu Runjuan, Zhang Yingzhi

Picture: Chen Minhua

There are still 3 days to sing, but Hu Hongjun is still busy in promoting the Taiwan Qing opera “Moonlight on the Fifth of October” and concert preparations recently, so he has not been able to retreat. After he learned that his concert guest Yan Mingxi had gastrointestinal discomfort, he sent a text message to greet the other party. He felt that the other party had returned to school for examinations and had to work hard, and lacked enough rest to cause illness. Speaking of posting trailers of halter muscles and wet body on social networks, he laughed at the great back and slender feet, revealing that the concert will be positive, the muscles will also be seen, and he will also jump into profuse sweat. Wet body.

Praise the fat boy for weight and approachability

Regarding the fat boy who was kicked out of the top 15 “My Favorite Male Singers” by ERROR, Hu Hongjun pointed out that the voting was fair, and he might be nominated again later. In the past, he did not deliberately canvass votes at the awards ceremony, and he was happy to be able to attend the awards ceremony. Do you think fat boys are also capable? He said: “The fat boy is very important. I have seen his MV. Although he is fat, his limbs are very flexible. I can’t predict that he can jump. I chatted with him at the press conference before. He is so approachable and the music scene in Hong Kong needs new power. It’s a good thing to make people pay attention to the music scene.”

As of yesterday, the top 15 “My Favorite Male Singers” include ERROR member Fatboy Fatboy, MC Zhang Tiantian, Tyson Yoshi, Jiang Sheng, Lu Juean, Lin Jiaqian, Zhou Guoxian, Hong Jiahao, Jiang Tao, Liu Yingting, Chen Zhuoxian, Xu Tingkeng , Zhang Jingxuan, Feng Yunqian and Lu Hanting.

Michelle has a sense of harmony after acting

The night before Hu Hongjun attended the premiere event of “Moonlight on the Fifth of October”, He Yiting of the same drama said that everyone had to be exposed to the sun and stayed at night during the filming. Foot, Hu Hongjun jokingly said that bone fracture is a good thing. Ask him if he has confidence in the show? He said that he was in a calm mood and everything was a foregone conclusion. Everyone worked hard to remake the show, and I believe there will be unexpected results. Did you ask the rumored girlfriend Cai Sibei to join in? He said no. I believe that someone will know it. One pass ten, ten pass a hundred, no need to deliberately propagate.

Luo Tianyu explained that he accidentally slapped firewood when falling down the stairs because it was too dark. He was mentally prepared for the audience to compare. He hoped that the audience would watch a few more episodes and feel the difference from the classic dramas of the year; Yiting said that the ending is different, everyone must Look. He Yiting plays the triangle alone this time, including the daughters of Zhu Shajiao’s daughters Sahua and Sa Sa. Yiting’s micro-expression differences were praised by netizens; and 66-year-old Michelle played the young version of Shajiao in her 30s. A sense of complete harmony.

Plan your life until the lawsuit is over

In the play, Zhuang Siming plays the mommy of Hu Hongjun in childhood. She doesn’t mind playing the role of mommy. She laughed and said that she was born and wanted to have a BB, and Yang Ming also moved in this direction, hoping to have good news as soon as possible, and frankly did not want to hang on , And agreed with her boyfriend to plan the major events in life until the lawsuit is over. Hope the next thing will be good. Speaking of expressing emotions on social networks, she said that she would use some methods to relieve her, but she denied screaming in court. She was useless to reveal herself on these occasions. She had gone home and she was calm. It is also said that Yang Ming has gained more than 10 pounds due to the hairy crab season and is actively losing weight.

■Hu Hongjun rehearsed for the concert yesterday.

■Because the fat boy was shortlisted, Hu Hongjun was bitten away.

■From left: Luo Tianyu, He Yiting and Hu Hongjun attend the premiere of “Moonlight on the Fifth of October”.

■Mi Xue and Shi Xiu praised a group of young actors.

■Netizen Zan Yiting successfully interprets the classic feeling of “Wan Zhu Shahua”.

■Although Michelle is 66 years old, she still plays convincingly as Aunt Q, who is more than 30 years old.

■Zhuang Siming said Yang Ming is losing weight.

■The ending of “Moonlight on the Fifth of October” is different from the previous version, or it will become a selling point.


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