Escaspar: Maradona is “above all” in Argentina

Hirta Berlin, Argentine player Santiago Asaskaspar, revealed his neglect of his mother’s point of view when he was thirteen years old and his insistence to paint the image of his fellow football legend Diego Maradona Cushum on the calf (muscle of obesity).

“Diego Maradona is above everything in Argentina,” Ascasebar said in an interview published by the German newspaper “Germany” “Bild” on Wednesday.

He pointed out that his father praised the idea of ​​this picture. “My father is a Maradona fan and he saw that painting the picture is great. My mother was against that. But I did it anyway,” said Asaskebar.

Escaspar confirmed that Maradona himself had publicly thanked him for this tattoo.

Ascasibar, who has played four games for the Argentine national team, moved to Hertha Berlin from Stuttgart.

“I dreamed of playing in the Argentine midfield, behind Lionel Messi,” Ascasibar explained.

Ascasebar stressed that it is not possible to make a comparison between Maradona and Messi, explaining that I am both of them the best in his era.

He added: “The next South American Nations Cup (Copa America) will be held in Argentina. Participation in the tournament will be a dream come true.”

Argentina and Colombia will host the activities of the next version of Copa America, jointly organized by them. This version was scheduled to be held from June 12 to July 12, but was postponed for the next year due to the outbreak of the new global “Corona” virus.

The ancient Wimbledon Championship joined the list of major sporting events and events that were canceled or postponed due to the epidemic virus, as the list also includes the upcoming European Nations Cup (Euro 2020), the South American Nations Cup (Copa America) and the upcoming Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020), where the three events were postponed Until next year.


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