Esp: No to Neymar! He brutally warns Barcelona

In the event that he were to be elected in the next elections, Victor Font has declared that he is not interested in a return of Neymar to Barça.

This Monday, Victor Font, candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona presented a new member of his team: the journalist Antoni Bassas, who will be his right hand. While he insisted on the urgency of these elections, given certain decisions to be taken, he took the opportunity to answer various questions. Victor Font notably returned to the Neymar case, which Barça has been trying to bring back to the club for two years now. While Javier Tebas, President of La Liga, minimized the impact of the Brazilian on the Spanish league, the possible future Catalan leader has been very clear about him at El Chiringuito TV.

« Neymar does not enter the project if we govern. A player who chased the club and left us stranded has no place at Barca »Said the candidate while specifying that from a sporting point of view, the Brazilian would obviously bring added value to the Barcelona workforce. Real conviction on the part of Font or just a communication blow? Indeed, since his departure from PSG and the disputes between the player and the club, Barça supporters are divided concerning the Brazilian, and a majority do not want to see Neymar one day replay under the colors of Barça. The candidate could then put some of the Socios on his side thanks to this declaration. There is no doubt that the leaders of PSG will appreciate these comments, while they are currently working on the extension of the contract of their star player.

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