Espanyol are now asking to eliminate the relegations

Espanyol has joined the fashion of the press releases – many of them surreal – that has been raging in state football since a coronavirus outbreak in Fuenlabrada forced the suspension of a decisive match of more than two weeks ago. last day of Second. The white-and-blue club, which will have to play in the silver category for the first time since the 1990s after experiencing a disastrous campaign, is proposing, of course, a beneficial solution for its interests. In a letter published yesterday afternoon on all its official channels, he asks the League (LFP), which organizes professional competitions in Spain, to do the same as the Federation (RFEF) did at the beginning of the pandemic. with the Second B, the Third Division and the Iberdrola League: eliminate relegations.

The impossibility of playing the last day of the Second Division in a unified way is, according to the white-and-blue entity, one of the main reasons for the amnesty of the teams that have lost the category. “The suspension of Deportivo-Fuenlabrada has caused a difficult situation that affects third teams,” argues Espanyol, which had already confirmed its decline when it jumped the controversy for the positives at Fuenlabrada and is therefore not a d ‘these supposedly affected sets. From Cornellà-El Prat also take advantage of the moment of chaos to remember that the team suffered “remarkably” the absence of public in the stadiums when playing salvation as a local “against five direct rivals “. And he adds: “We have struggled to compete normally despite having confirmed that in March and April we had a good number of players affected by covid-19, with the consequent conditions that the disease leaves for many weeks.” That is to say, the empty stadiums and the cases of coronavirus in the staff are, for Espanyol, sufficient reasons to request an administrative permanence at the beginning of August.

To reinforce the message, the CEO of Espanyol told Catalunya Ràdio that “the solution is a League of 23 teams in the First Division and another in the Second Division, with promotions and no relegations”. However, Josep Maria Duran is clear that the cider will only be finished once the highest instance comes into play: “This can only be fixed by the Government of Spain; there are means for no professional team to suffer any economic damage, with the compensation money to the three teams in the relegation and delaying the agreed Viana pacts a year would be possible. On the other hand, the white-and-blue executive spoke of the appointment of the new coach to try to return, from the grass, the team to the First Division: “It is about to fall, it is imminent. Vicente Moreno “I can’t confirm anything until it’s sung. There’s more than one possibility, between today and tomorrow we’ll close one or the other.”

Play-off date already

At the same time, the RFEF Competition Committee announced yesterday afternoon that the pending Deportivo-Fuenlabrada match will be played tomorrow at 8 p.m. The announcement came after Almeria, Girona’s rival in the play-off of promotion, called for “a final, quick and consistent solution” to a controversy on which depends the last place in the promotion, which will be for Fuenlabrada if he is able to beat Riazor. But Depor, already relegated, will only play the game if this means that the whole last day of Segunda is repeated or that the category is exceptionally with 24 teams. The Galicians, by the way, did not appear yesterday in the PCR urged by the League. Regardless of this detail, the employer announced that the play-off will be played on August 13 and 16 (semifinals), and August 20 and 23 (final). Girona faces the promotion with the stadium factor against, as it finished the fifth regular season. For its part, the sixth-placed Elche could lose its play-off spot if the Fuenla Deportivo wins. That is why it did not take long to reject that the Competition and the League have scheduled the pending match in A Coruña. “The postponement of July 20 could not be based on a force majeure cause. This failed, late and absurd attempt to restore competition hurts Spanish football,” the Illicitans said in a statement.


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