Espionage for the Mossad; Fifteen arrested in Turkey

Fifteen people have been arrested in Turkey for spying for the Mossad, an Israeli intelligence agency. The Turkish intelligence agency has arrested a number of Palestinians, including those who have been missing since last month. Fifteen people working in groups of three were arrested, Turkish media outlet Sabah reported.

The Middle East Eye reported that he was arrested on charges of espionage, passing information on Palestinian nationals living in the country to the Mossad. Among those arrested were from Palestine and Syria. Six Palestinians who went missing in Turkey last month have been arrested.

They were spying to find potential Palestinian students to work in the defense sector. For the past year, they have been leaking information about the Turkish government’s aid to the Palestinians and how Palestinians can gain admission to Turkish universities. Sources in the Turkish intelligence agency said that they had held talks with Mossad officials in various cities in Europe and Africa.

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