Estefanía Veloz criticized the investigations that freed Salvador Cienfuegos

The host pointed out that the United States did not have solid investigations (Photo: Reuters / Archive; Twitter / @ EstefaniaVeloz)

The controversy Stephanie Veloz again he is giving something to talk about, this time, for criticize investigations of U.S in the case of General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, who will not be criminally tried by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

Through her Twitter account, the lawyer and also a television host asserted that the authorities were not able to make a solid record that would prevent the release of the accused.

Although the young woman did not explicitly say the name of Salvador Cienfuegos, it should be noted that there is no other circumstantial issue that is related to investigations carried out in the neighboring country.

“It is clear that American research criteria are not only not robust, but also mediocre“, said.

The lawyer criticized that because they did not have solid foundations, Cienfuegos was released (Photo: Instagram / estefaniavloz)

The lawyer criticized that because they did not have solid foundations, Cienfuegos was released (Photo: Instagram / estefaniavloz)

“It’s the same story, the inability to make a good record frees criminals. We already realized that despite so much money, the DEA is limping from the same leg, “he added.

The foregoing in the sense that Cienfuegos Zepeda was arrested last October 15 and after 33 days in prison in the United States, he was returned to Mexico under the promise of being processed.

However, on January 14, the FGR reported that after analyzing the elements sent to them by their US counterparts, they concluded that they were not enough to bring a criminal proceeding against the general.

“After analyzing the evidentiary elements sent by the North American authorities and those provided by General Salvador Cienfuegos; the #FGR concluded that he did not hold any meeting or communication with any criminal group. For which it was determined not to exercise criminal action [sic]”Said the agency.

Estefanía expressed herself on social networks (Photo: Twitter / @ EstefaniaVeloz)

Estefanía expressed herself on social networks (Photo: Twitter / @ EstefaniaVeloz)

In this way, he was exonerated of the crimes against health that he was accused of, in relation to the trafficking of cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine, as well as collaborating with drug trafficking to launder money.

According to the FGR, the documents compiled by the DEA over seven years, where there were data on the alleged transactions of Cienfuegos with the criminals, they were not consistent, so his innocence will not be judged.

They pointed out that the former head of the Sedena He had no encounters with members of the H-2 Cartel, a remnant of Los Beltrán Leyva.

It should be remembered that since 2013 the antinarcotics agency carried out investigations without sharing information with Mexico, nor requesting collaboration to track possible drug trafficking crimes that the then head of the Sedena could commit. Already with the administration of Donald Trump, the investigations continued under the same reserve situation.

Salvador Cienfuegos remains innocent (Photo: File / Lujan Agusti / Bloomberg)

Salvador Cienfuegos remains innocent (Photo: File / Lujan Agusti / Bloomberg)

Despite the more than 750 documents on intercepted messages, photos and reports cementing the accusations against Cienfuegos, the US authorities released the general.

For his part, the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, supported the exoneration of Cienfuegos Zepeda, carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office, ensuring that in Mexico there can be no retaliation, revenge, and that crimes cannot be invented.

“It is a matter that basically corresponded to the prosecution to resolve, but in one way or another it has to do with the government that I represent, it is a decision that the prosecution makes but that the government that I represent second, that is, endorses, supports, because we maintain that impunity must end, of course corruption, but also that there can be no reprisals, revenge, and that crimes cannot be invented … that no one should act in that way, whoever it is. The most important thing is truth and justice“, said.


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