Etienne Klein: Science cannot be evaluated from a “feeling”

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Scientists disputed in their legitimacy by Mrs. and Mr. “Everyone” … Stop delirium, implores the physicist Etienne Klein.

In his latest book The long-term emergency (The Observatory), the physicist and doctor of philosophy of science Etienne Klein puts words on a phenomenon of which professors Raoult and others are more or less voluntary vehicles: scientific populism. At a time when the excitement of personal opinion and the exhaustion of the elites guaranteed comfortable electoral scores, it would have been surprising if this systematic liquidation of expertise did not also affect science. Only here: having an opinion does not mean having the truth, recalls Etienne Klein. Extract.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, about such or such treatment whose possible effectiveness was not yet formally established […], we were able to read short statements from Internet users, including certain political leaders, starting with: ‘I am not a doctor, but I think that …’ So we have had large-scale confirmation that it is become possible to have enough confidence in your only feeling (boosted intravenously by an oversizing of the ego) to decide with a simple sentence – while honestly acknowledging that you know nothing about it! – questions which finally appeared to be dizzyingly complex. […].

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