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In response to the floods that hit Bangui and its surroundings in August, the European Union is providing humanitarian funding of € 100,000 (65,595,700 CFA francs) to help those most affected. The funds will enable the Central African Red Cross to provide emergency aid to the victims by providing them with shelter, basic items for sleeping, covering and cooking, as well as water, hygiene services. and sanitation. Given the high risk of potential water-borne diseases from standing water, the response will also include epidemic prevention awareness. The funds will directly benefit over 720 most vulnerable families. They represent more than 3,600 affected and homeless people living in households headed by women, the elderly or people with disabilities. This funding to the Central African Red Cross is part of the overall EU contribution to the Emergency Disaster Relief Fund (DREF) of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC ). The torrential rains that fell in Bangui at the beginning of August caused floods that destroyed or inundated houses, water wells and latrines in the 6th district of Bangui, as well as in the villages of Bimbo, Bossongo and Nzila. Almost all of the affected people are currently accommodated by host families, but the majority of them do not spend the night in their hosts’ houses; 80% of these households sleep on the terraces of those who welcome them. In view of the incessant rains, the situation in the exposed neighborhoods continues to deteriorate.

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