EU countries were allowed “at their own risk” to purchase Russian vaccine

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EU countries will be able to purchase Russian vaccine

Countries can independently decide on the use of vaccines not registered in the EU, however, the responsibility will be on those who make this decision.

The European Commission allowed the EU member states to independently decide on the use of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. This was stated by the representative of the European Commission (EC) Eric Mamer, reports on Friday, March 5, TASS.

“Two aspects should be separated: we have identified a portfolio of vaccines that we purchase together. EU countries should not negotiate in parallel with manufacturers of vaccines from the pan-European portfolio. But they have the full right from a legal point of view to purchase vaccines from other suppliers,” Mamer emphasized.

He also noted that the vaccine approval procedure is indeed carried out by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), but there is an emergency procedure: it allows countries to purchase vaccines without the approval of the European Commission and EMA recommendations. Mamer added that the EC’s strategy is to guarantee access to vaccines for EU states in order to vaccinate all citizens of the commonwealth.

It was previously reported that EMA begins examination of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V… The European regulator expects the vaccine to be evaluated in a shorter time frame.

Recall Hungary was the first in Europe to register Russian vaccine. Only a few tens of thousands of doses were delivered to the country.

Later, Slovakia did the same, however, deliveries of the Russian vaccine to the country were accompanied by a loud a political scandal that threatened to resign the government.

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