EU recommends stopping non-essential travel from US over Covid-19

Israel is also removed from the list of safe countries due to the increased circulation of the Delta variant.

“The governments of the European Union agreed on Monday to remove the United States and Israel from the list of safe destinations due to their rising infection rates, which means that citizens of those countries will not be able to get away from it all. move toEU without an essential reason ”, reports the Spanish daily The country this August 30.

As reminds it The Wall Street Journal, it is only a recommendation of the Council of the European Union which the States are free to follow or not. However, the European list of safe countries “Generally defines who can travel within the Union”.

An unappreciated lack of reciprocity

The American newspaper explains that the decision to place the United States on the list of safe countries, last June, facilitated the arrival of American tourists during the summer, offering a breath of economic air to the countries of the South of Europe. It also followed the European tour of Joe Biden, marked by the desire to warm up transatlantic relations after the Donald Trump years.

However, if the team of the new president had said to make a priority of the lifting of the ban on entry of European visitors to the United States, nothing has materialized on this front. “In recent weeks, member countries of theEU were upset by the United States’ refusal to lift restrictions on travel from the Union. ”

Five other countries withdrawn

According to European rules, a country is automatically considered safe if it has fewer than 75 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants over the previous fourteen days. The infection rate in the United States had risen above 75 per 100,000 earlier this summer, but member countries had agreed not to respond immediately. With the Delta variant, the number of cases has since continued to climb across the Atlantic.

In addition to Israel, the Council ofEU also decided to remove from the list Lebanon and three Balkan countries (Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia), precise Politico.

Gabriel Hassan

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