EU seeks new alliance with USA after Trump era

Charles Michel

The EU Council leader hopes for better transatlantic relations after the change of power in the USA.

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Brussels After the disagreements in the Trump era, the European Union wants to forge a new alliance with the upcoming US administration. This is reported by the “Financial Times” (FT) and the German Press Agency (dpa), citing a corresponding draft in which EU Council Chairman Charles Michel makes suggestions for a new start with future US President Joe Biden.

Accordingly, Michel is campaigning for a quick end to the transatlantic trade dispute and the mutual punitive tariffs. The European Union should offer Washington a “positive trade agenda”. The EU summit at the beginning of December is to hold a strategic debate on this.

Michel sees five priorities for closer cooperation with Biden: In addition to trade, these are the fight against the pandemic, climate protection, multilateralism and peacekeeping. According to the dpa, Michel suggests a common line with the USA towards China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and other regions of the world. They also have common interests in the areas of terrorism, cybersecurity and hybrid threats, says Michels’ paper.

When it comes to Corona, Michel hopes for US support for a fair global distribution of vaccines. As soon as the pandemic allows, “both sides should work to reopen their borders for unnecessary travel”.

Commitment from both sides

When it comes to climate protection, Michel relies on agreements on the 2030 climate target, CO2 prices and the time horizon for the goal of climate neutrality. “We also have an interest in finding a common line on issues such as the CO2 border tax,” it continues.

An effective transatlantic partnership requires commitment on both sides. To achieve this, the EU must appear united and further strengthen its strategic autonomy in order to better represent its own interests, argues the Council Chairman. Michel had called the future US President Biden a week ago and invited him to a special EU summit.

Initially, a virtual conversation and then a physical meeting are planned, according to EU circles on Sunday. A suitable date is being sought with NATO for a possible joint visit to both institutions.

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